Charitable Giving

The Beautiful Homes Team has named the Children’s Miracle Network as our charity of choice for our realtor charitable giving program. We are community members first, realtors second, we make charitable giving and contributing back to our community a priority. We whole heartedly support the great work the Children’s Miracle Network does for children and everything they stand for in terms of what is most important to our charitable giving values.

Our 3 basic values that we considered when selecting the Children’s Miracle Network to be our organization of choice, we like to call the “Three C’s”


A must.


A child growing up healthy, confident and strong is very important to us. All kids deserve the best start in life we can give them.


We work every day in Calgary communities, it is where we do our business, raise our families and live our lives. It is important to us to be able to give back close to home. All donations received locally by the Children’s Miracle Network go directly to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where they designate where the funds are needed most. Each donation helps our local children receive what they need for treatment of every imaginable disease and injury – from broken bones and asthma to heart defects and cancer. Children’s hospitals are also on the front lines of research, education and outreach programs that keep our children as healthy as possible.

How much do we give?

We’re proud to say that a part of our proceeds from every house our clients either buy or sell goes directly to the Children’s Miracle Network. We feel that it is important that as our level of success increases so does the amount we give.