Calgary Investment Properties

The Beautiful Homes Team is a proud sponcor of a leading Calgary Real Estate Investors Group, Collaborate Real Estate.


If you are interested in learning about investing in residential real estate in Calgary, this new group will offer a completely unique approach to education and networking. Our next event is November 15th. Here is a link to REGISTER.

Each of our events will include 2 unique presentations on specific components of residential real estate investing, as well as structured networking, question and answer sessions with a panel of local experts, and a unique opportunity for round table discussions with local real estate investors and people interested in getting started with their very first properties.

Topics will include:

– How to select the best properties for your OWN investing goals (quite different depending on your personal goals and even your personality)

– How to effectively select and screen tenants for rental properties to minimize the stress and fears associated with owning rentals

– Where to most effectively spend money on property upgrades and renovations – and where to avoid sinking money that you will never get back

– Why you don’t need a large portfolio of properties to significantly impact your retirement (just start with ONE!)

– And so much more…

Our group members will also be invited on regular PROPERTY TOURS IN CALGARY – where you can truly evaluate your purchasing options for your budget, engaging with local real estate experts and contractors in the process.

This group has been designed for NEW real estate investors and those who currently own a small number of properties.

Each event will provide direct access to multiple local service providers including very established and successful real estate agents, mortgage brokers, property managers, general contractors, multiple trades and service providers, and more.

Our group will be holding one large event each month, and our November 15th event is our initial introduction to the group. If you are interested in learning about real estate investing and you have been looking for a truly engaging and comfortable group where you can fit in effectively as a new or upcoming investor – you won’t want to miss this event!

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If you would like to start recieving our Calgary Real Estate Investor Update please contact us via email, phone or our instant chat feature on our website. We work closely with a variety of Calgary real estate investors who all have different goals and types of properties they are interested in.

Please let us know in your request if you are looking for a specific type of investment property so we can tailor your report to suite your needs as well.

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