Calgary Real Estate Investor Networking Event | Collaborate Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Investor Networking Events | Collaborate Real Estate

Our real estate team loves working with Calgary real estate investors. We offer regular investment property tours, investor market updates, as well as individualized investor consultations to see how we can best work with you to meet your long-term investment property goals.

We are also are a proud member of the Collaborate Real Estate Team; Our Collaborate Real Estate events combine our favorite elements of education and networking – all put together into an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our approach to education and networking is quite different than any typical model. At Collaborate we believe that there is significant value in group discussions and truly collaborating with other like-minded people with similar goals.

We believe that educational events can be (and should be) both fun and effective. Through research and feedback in the market, we have created something completely unique.

Wednesday, March 28th
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Holiday Inn  Calgary

At Collaborate Real Estate, we appreciate that your time is valuable. We also appreciate that you want to network and make connections. So we have designed an environment where you can leverage your time as effectively as possible, and leave every event with both ideas and new relationships.

Every one of our events will include a combination of:

  •  Round Table Networking
  •  Two (2) Short Seminar Style Presentations (Unique topics each month)
  •  Round Table Discussions
  •  Panel Question & Answer Session with Local Service Providers
  •  Additional Networking Opportunities