Planning on a residential, acreage or rural purchase?

You and or your family, are about to make the largest purchase of your life – and my job it to ensure that the excitement and adventure does not get outweighed by the potential issues and hurtles that you may face. In a buyer’s relationship, I become your partner, ensuring you have my undivided loyalty, confidentiality, experience and full accountability to find the right rural or residential property for you and your family. Buying a property may seem over whelming, but if done correctly with the right real estate professional, it follows an 8 step logical process comprised of over 30 activities, where each step has a range of due diligence activities that I work directly with the Buyer to validate. Remember, when buying a rural property, the terms and conditions of the purchase offer is where the granular details need to be captured.

The following 8 steps provided a high level overview of the requirements and expectations that must be met to facilitate the buyer’s process:
1. Preliminary discussion with the Buying Client – I determine the objectives and needs of the Buyer;
2. Prepare a presentation with the Buying Client – I gather information on the property that buyers expect when they are looking for a property to purchase (to be outlined in detail in a future post);
3. Finalize the package with the Buying Client – I outline the process the property and most importantly, ensure clarity on the services that we, the real estate processional and brokerage provides the Buying Client and the responsibilities of the Buying Client;
4. Create the service agreement with the Buying Client – with the process and plan in hand, the service agreement should cover all the procedures and agreements to search for and acquire the property;
5. Determine the Buying Clients preferences and concerns and discuss the terms and conditions that are required for the property;
6. Select, schedule and show properties – I will use all available resources to find the right property for prospective buyers. Remember, our Brokerage is one of the higher volume brokerages in real estate transactions. The selection of the Brokerage is also an important decision;
7. When the Buyer(s) have found the property that they want, I write, present and negotiate the offer to purchase (Note – terms and conditions of the purchase offer is critically important and my skill, education and experience makes me a perfect partner for this stage);
8. Work with the Buying Clients to close on the property – this point in the process is I ensure that any conditions and or terms associated with the purchase contract are in place and the Buying Clients interest are met.

The purchase of a rural or residential real estate property is a complex process, so as a Buying Client, choose a real estate professional that can guide the process all the way to a winning goal for you! Trust in my services – personable, professional and proven – to ensure that your journey “to or from” rural Alberta is a success.