Alberta Acreage & Agriculture is in our DNA!

History of Alberta Agriculture

Little did Peter Pond know that as he cultivated his first garden in 1779 on the lower Athabasca River, that he was going to create such as diverse and strong agriculture presence in Alberta. While many settlements, mostly forts, started vegetable gardens, this was also when European crops such as oats, barley and wheat was introduced. Between 1874 and 1880, ranching also took hold in Southern Alberta. Agriculture and ranching would remain relatively small scale operations, however, this was changed when the Trans Canada Railway reached Alberta in 1883. The railway, working in tandem with the Dominion Lands Act rapidly encouraged settlement in Alberta. The Dominion Land Act or the “homestead act” allocated about 480,000 square miles of land across the Prairie Provinces. This was the foundation for today’s agriculture operations in Alberta.

Today, Alberta is the second largest agricultural producer in Canada, with more than 40,000 agriculture operations and approximately 50,000,000 acres of land dedicated to crop and livestock production. This does not take into account the numerous producing acreages and small hobby farms that help comprise a very exciting acreage and agriculture real estate market throughout Alberta and in the Calgary, Airdrie and the surrounding rural areas.

As a Real Estate Professional, my role is to provide clarity and consistency in your rural real estate needs. Together, we will discuss your needs, determine the options, document the service agreement, discuss genuine representation and review every detail to provide consistent services that successfully complete your real estate transaction. I offer modern technology & old fashioned service for all your acreage and agriculture real estate needs! I understand that Alberta land is a significant part of your DNA, as it has been a corner stone in my life. Raised on my grandfather’s and father’s farm in Southern Alberta, I have spent the better part of my life working the land!

In the weeks ahead, I will be outlining key requirements in rural real estate transactions and how the processes work, when representing the Seller and when representing the Buyer for acreage and rural agriculture real estate transactions. My services are personable, professional and proven. I realize that selling or buying a home, acreage, hobby farm or family farm is not always an easy road, but it is my passion for personal service, detail and the strong desire to see you happy that will make this journey “to or from” rural Alberta a success.  I will listen to your needs and together, we will work tirelessly to make those dreams a reality. I truly enjoy working with the diversity that Calgary, Airdrie and the surrounding rural areas offer!