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How to Know you Found the Right House

YES! think you’ve found the right home for you! ….but how do you know?

Buying a house can be an exciting and stressful experience. There are so many variables to consider and it may be hard to find a house that meets all the criteria. However, it can be exciting and fun to imagine filling the new rooms with your belonging and new memories. After viewing countless houses, how do you know when you’ve found the right one?

It Doesn’t Have Any Deal Breakers

Having a list of deal breakers is crucial to the house hunting process. Make a list of things that you absolutely have to have, or absolutely will not accept. For instance, a big yard could be something you definitely want in your next home. Let your realtor know that houses with small or no yards are a deal breaker and he/she won’t waste your time showing you those houses. Know what you can and cannot live without in your new home. If the house passes the deal breaker list, it may be the right house for you.

It Meets the Criteria

Besides the deal breaker list, you should have a list of all the other things you would want in a house. A front porch, big master bathroom, and a basement could be some of the things you’d want, but wouldn’t necessarily condemn the house if it were lacking. If the house meets more criteria than it does not, it might be one to consider.

You Don’t Mind the Flaws

Nearly every house will have its flaws. There will be some houses that you will notice every flaw. If the flaws bother or bug you, this is not your house. If you can see a house’s flaws, but you don’t mind them, it could be the right house for you. Finding the right house is much like finding the right person. If the flaws almost make them better, they’re probably the one.

It’s in Your Budget

The cost of the house is one of the most important details. If it’s out of your price range, it’s not for you. Don’t bother even looking at homes you can’t afford. It can set a standard that other houses may not live up to, leaving you unsatisfied. It’s important to shop within your budget.

You Start Imagining Yourself There

If you’re looking at a house that you have a hard time imagining yourself in, pass on it. The right house will start to feel like home before it’s even yours as you imagine the rooms filled with your belongings. Can you picture yourself making dinner in the kitchen, relaxing in the backyard, or soaking in the tub? If you can already see yourself in the house, it might be the one!

You Just Have a Gut Feeling

Trust your gut! It may sound cheesy, but buyer’s intuition is a thing. If you step into the house and get the gut feeling that this is the right one and there are no big red flags, you’ve found the right house. Trust your instincts if you get an overwhelming feeling about the house. Many home buyers have said they knew they found the right house simply because they had an intuitional feeling about it.

Home buying can be a trying experience and can leave you stressed and ready to give up if you haven’t found the right home right away. Give yourself plenty of time. This isn’t a process you want to rush. Buying a home is a huge investment of time and money, so never settle for a house that you’re not sure is the right one.

This article was written by Jon Reyes from Clearwells. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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